Dollscape: A paper doll app for kids. Drag and drop clothes and items onto your doll and explore multiple locations to find more treasures.

Ruby on Rails backend. Utilizes JavaScript and Backbone to make each location's collection of items. The SVG images are controlled via the SVG.JS library.

Twixingboard: One of a kind app that generates musical tones based on Twitter searches. Tones are based on the mood and frequency of Tweets. It's never the same.

The Twitter API handles the search and returns a list of Tweets. Ruby and JavaScript analyze the results to produce a tone. You can have several tones going at once.

Tinsl: Fantasy baseball but with movies. Pick actors from the past and try to cast a top-grossing film. Earnings based on actual movie grosses. Username: Password: password

Ruby on Rails backend, HTML/CSS on the front. A complex database seed file loads past movies, actors and grosses. Actor images acquired from TheMovieDB API.